• William Kirkpatrick

COVID Update

Ever since getting my boxes ready for bluebirds, the world decided to end a little bit! Luckily, the boxes don't require much maintenance besides reading dataloggers and keeping my beautiful tenants happy (see pics my field tech took before the world ended...Thanks Vincent!). Grad students are limited in what they can do

right now, but luckily my field sites are easy to access alone. So big thank you to Dr. DuRant for her assistance during the outbreak. Without that assistance, we wouldn't be able to monitor the boxes as well as we are.

Right now we have 19 active nests with eggs. Most are Eastern Bluebirds (17), one is a Tufted Titmouse, and the last is an unidentified white egg. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any unidentified occupants. One box I am extremely excited about is the occupied nest in my own backyard! (pictured to the right)

It's a scary time in the world, and staying at home so much can be frustrating. Keep in mind that even though it's scary, there are thousands of hardworking retail workers, public service employees, doctors, and scientists doing their best to help you as much as they can. Stay inside and stay healthy!

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