• William Kirkpatrick

My Move and ESA, Louisville!

It has been a while since I have checked in, and that attests to just how busy I have been this summer. Two weeks ago I worked my last day in Kimberly Sheldon's lab at the University of Tennessee, and I could not have had a better undergraduate mentor or institution to start my career. Thank you Kimberly and UTK!

After my last day, I had a crazy week of packing everything I own and driving it all to Fayetteville, AR. My family and girlfriend helped with the move which I very much appreciated, and I have been settling in to Fayetteville for the last few days...UNTIL I drove 9 hours to attend the 2019 ESA Conference in Louisville, KY! I am more than pumped to get the opportunity to present my research at a national conference. I hope next week will not mean traveling over 2000 miles!

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