• William Kirkpatrick

UTK EEB Awards

The annual Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Awards Ceremony was today, and I am super proud to announce that I won the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award! I have worked very hard for the past two years to get to be the scientist I am today, and I am so thankful for the recognition by my

department. Many thanks to my wonderful research mentor, Dr. Kimberly Sheldon. Without her help, I would not be as confident in my abilities and comfortable in the field as I am. She has been a great mentor, leader, and friend. I could not have been as successful in my studies as I am without my labmates Matt McGee, David Edwards, Morgan Fleming, Sarah Brawner, Maggie Mamantov, Claire Winfrey, Anchal Padukone, Shelby Collins, and, last but not least, our wonderful post-doc Dr. Amanda Carter. I have grown as a student, teacher, and researcher over the past two years in the Sheldon lab, and I am sad to have to go after this summer. I know all of these people will do great things, and I can't wait to collaborate with them again in the future.

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