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Back in action!

After a long semester of student teaching high school Biology at Oak Ridge High School, I am back in the lab hard at work! I am officially certified to teach high school biology, but now it's time to continue crunching numbers and digging holes. I have tons of data to work with from last summer's field work.

I also got some great news! The grey-breasted flycatcher paper I worked on during the summer of 2017 was accepted last week! First publication out the door! I will post the citation as soon as it is published in Ornitología Neotropical.

Current Citation:

McGee MR, Edwards DA, Kirkpatrick WH, Greeney HF, Sheldon KS. Accepted. Breeding behavior of the Gray-breasted Flycatcher (Lathrotriccus griseipectus) in southwestern Ecuador. Ornitología Neotropical.

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